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We Enabled a Conference Organizer to Save Over $100,000 in Fees for Their Invite-Only Event.

First Glance

Every year, a highly exclusive conference hosts attendees from around the world to explore essential global topics. Needless to say, people attending an event like this expect a certain level of quality in experience, both during the conference and in their experience registering.

The conference organizer was dealing with a seriously flawed online registration and ticketing system, with one of the issues being that they had to pay exorbitant fees in order to use it.

To address these problems, they reached out to Oakwood Digital to build them a fully custom registration portal.

The Challenge

A few months before their 2019 event, they made some calculations and realized they’d been wasting nearly a hundred thousand dollars in event registration software. This was having a huge impact on their bottom line and they knew there had to be a way to drastically reduce that number.

Beyond the financial burden, the organizer was also restricted in terms of functionality. It was difficult for them to create a great online user experience for website visitors and their team spent too much time sending post-registration thank you emails and entering attendee information into their database.

Not only did they needed a solution that would allow them to eliminate as much of the fees as possible, but they also needed to simplify and automate the entire process.

With their next event fast-approaching, they solicited the help of Oakwood Digital to create a robust solution within a tight deadline.


Within two weeks of the initial meeting, Oakwood Digital built a custom web application that fixed all the major issues they were facing with their registration system.

This simple and powerful new system meant that they no longer had to rely on a third-party solution that costs too much money and restricts them from utilizing important functionalities.

We let them bring their brand to the registration experience so that every moment with a potential attendee was high-touch and purposefully designed. The new web application featured custom discounts, late registration, plus one guests, password protection, and so many more custom features built just for their use case.

The Outcome

With a new platform customized specifically to their needs, the conference organizer enjoyed countless benefits, including saving thousands in fees. Over the past year, the system has processed $4 million in sales.