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Turning an Idea into a Real Business: Strategic App Development, Streamlining Processes and Marketing Execution.

Nudge App

First Glance

Making food orders for friends, family, and coworkers can be a hassle, especially when it comes to splitting the bill after the fact. NUDGE believed that this didn’t have to be the case and wanted to create an app that would make ordering food an enjoyable experience.

The way it works is pretty simple:

  1. The person responsible for picking up the food sends an order link to their friends through the app.
  2. For every person that joins the order, the person who manages the order saves 10% on their bill.
  3. Everyone enters their own credit card number and all payments are handled through the app.
  4. The person picking up the order messages everyone through a group chat once the food is picked up.
  5. The food arrives and everyone enjoys their meal!

They had a great idea that solved a common problem, but they just didn’t know how to turn that idea into a reality. NUDGE came to Oakwood Digital for the answers to their burning questions and we were more than happy to lend our expertise.

The Challenge

How would the NUDGE app be developed and by whom? What were the logistics of connecting restaurants with the app? How would NUDGE deliver exceptional customer service to its users? What would the marketing strategy look like? These were just some of the questions that they had swirling around in their minds.

The team at NUDGE needed technology consultants who would provide guidance on aspects like UI/UX, source the best way to develop the app, oversee a team of developers and much more.

Once the app was launched, they would require help with effectively operating their business and spreading the word to as many people as possible.


From inception to execution, Oakwood Digital stayed nimble and adapted to all of NUDGE’s business needs, supporting them every step of the way. As the app grew, we became more hands-on and our expertise became especially important where technological execution was concerned.

As more users started using the app, we quickly discovered an efficiency with the system. The NUDGE app would receive an order from a user and one of their customer service agents would call the restaurant to actually make the order. This made the process slow and inefficient so we installed thermal printing systems in participating restaurants. These printers would automatically print out orders and eliminate the need for phone calls.

Oakwood Digital also developed a fully customized, centralized e-commerce center that enabled communication between the parties involved with the ordering process. Restaurants, customers and customer service agents could speak to each other as needed. Within that e-commerce center was a web UI that sends out text messages to NUDGE users and allows for two-way conversations about orders between customers and customer service agents.

The Outcome

With our help, NUDGE became a fully formed mobile app and launched on the iOS app store in 2019. We really wore many hats in this high-paced startup assisting in everything from ideation to execution, development to marketing.